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From estate planning to real estate law and beyond, meet the team of Albany NY lawyers and staff that has been serving the Capital Region and greater NY state with compassion and expertise since 1946.

Support Staff

kym hance smiling headshot

Kym Hance

Client Care Services

(518) 465-7581 ext. 113 [email protected]

jacqueline saunders smiling headshot

Jacqueline Saunders


(518) 465-7581 ext. 100 [email protected]

Janice Paulo smiling headshot

Janice Paulo

Estate Administration Paralegal

(518) 465-7581 ext. 187 [email protected]

Jessica Tobio smiling headshot

Jessica Tobio

Medicaid Paralegal

(518) 465-7581 ext. 131 [email protected]

isabel headshot photo

Isabel Kubikian

Director of Business Development

(518) 465-7581 ext. 107 [email protected]

Michael Luizzi

Medicaid Paralegal

(518) 465-7581 ext. 105 [email protected]

Sherry Ryczek smiling headshot with glasses

Sherry Ryczek

Estate Planning Paralegal

(518) 465-7581 ext. 181 [email protected]

Terri Senecal smiling professional headshot

Terri Senecal

Legal Assistant & Real Estate Paralegal

(518) 465-7581 ext. 119 [email protected]

Carolyn Houghtaling smiling headshot

Carolyn Houghtaling

Legal Assistant

(518) 465-7581 ext. 132 [email protected]

Cassandra Magnoli smiling headshot

Cassandra Magnoli

Client Services Representative

(518) 465-7581 ext. 134 [email protected]

melinda mason headshot

Melinda Mason


(518) 465-7581 ext. 135 [email protected]

amy grant smiling headshot

Amy Grant

Real Estate Paralegal

(518) 465-7581 ext. 111 [email protected]

madison keller smiling headshot

Madison Keller

Legal Assistant

(518) 465-7581 ext. 144 [email protected]

emily biddlecomb headshot

Emily Biddlecomb

Legal Assistant

(518) 465-7581 ext. 130 [email protected]