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Losing a loved one is extremely difficult, and the legal proceedings that follow can be confusing. At Herzog Law Firm, our goal is to step in during this challenging time to guide our clients through the intricacies of probate and estate administration—whether a will exists or not. Our dedicated team is here to help, from the initial steps to the resolution of these sometimes-complicated proceedings.

What is Probate and Estate Administration?

Oftentimes when someone passes away, a formal court proceeding called probate, if the deceased person had a will, or estate administration, if no will existed, must be completed for such person’s assets to transfer to his or her legal heirs. Herzog Law Firm helps clients navigate these confusing—and sometimes complicated—proceedings from beginning to end. For individuals who prudently planned ahead and created a living trust, the trustee may still need legal assistance to properly administer the trust and distribute the assets.

The Process

At Herzog Law Firm, our goal is to work closely with your surviving family in order to assist in carrying out your wishes and guiding your family through the estate administration process. This process may include the probate of a will, termination of a trust, and transfer of assets to surviving joint owners or to named beneficiaries. We’ll also guide your family and beneficiaries through the income, estate, and gift tax issues that occur at death and facilitate the re-titling of assets.

If claims or disputes arise, we will be prepared to litigate those issues in court, including will contests, construction proceedings, or contested accountings. Our experienced team handles each estate as efficiently and effectively as possible, regardless of the complexity of the situation.

If you are already an estate planning client, then your estate administration will simply be a conclusion to that planning. If you are not, we are happy to assist all clients with their estate administration needs.

Benefits of Probate & Administration Attorneys

  • Guide your family through the legal requirements upon the death of a loved one
  • Resolve disputes and claims arising out of the administration of an estate
  • Help your beneficiaries obtain title to their inherited property or funds
  • Advise on potential estate tax implications
  • Streamline the formal court proceedings
  • Ensure a smooth transition of assets to legal heirs
  • Comprehensive support for family members
  • Proper administration and asset distribution

Key Components of Probate & Estate Administration


The formal legal process through which a will is recognized

Estate Administration

The process of finalizing all financial dealings after a person passes away, and distributing all assets as per their final wishes

Trust Administration

The process of distributing all assets within a trust after the grantor has passed away

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